Rules for getting listed on

These are the rules for having your site added to the friends list of  Long Hair Babes.  They are few and simple. Be sure you understand and abide by them before you submit your site, or it well be rejected.  Also, we do random checks of sites on our list.  If you change it after you are accepted... it will be found and deleted.

  • Absolutely NO Child porn or bestiality sites (submit one and you WILL be reported)
  • You may open full size, from a banner link or a descriptive text link only.
  • No blind or misleading links
  • I make sure that all sites on my list are shown at all times... adding pages when needed, in return, when I go to your site, I expect to find my banner/link.
  • There is not a minimum number of hits to be listed, but sites will be automatically deleted after 4 resets if they don't send any hits.
  • No animated .gifs are allowed, or banners with text on the pictures
  • No free hosted sites
  • You may have no more than one entrance popup and no more than two total.
  • No cheating will be tolerated... you will be caught and deleted.

If you have read and agree with the terms above, please continue on and add your site to our friends list.

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